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A Green Win For Java Planet

A Green Win For Java Planet


Tampa, Florida, July 1, 2015 — Coffee smells even sweeter for Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, after the small company won in a big way by being honored with a Sustainable Business Award at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center June 10.

“We are very proud to be a recipient of a 2015 Tampa Sustainability award. This award validates our goals and objectives to be a local, organic, fair trade coffee company that gives back to the individual, the farmer and the planet by ensuring sustainable practices are understood, used and consumed” expressed Jennifer Simmons, co-founder of Java Planet, along with her husband Mike. “It substantiates everything we believe in and work so hard to accomplish. Businesses can reap the rewards of being green, with profits and sustainability. It’s all about committing to a bottom line that reflects a greater world view beyond one company.”

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The 7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards, a program sponsored by the Sustany Foundation, in conjunction with the Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa Bay, Inc. and the University Of Tampa Center for Ethics, honors Tampa Bay area for-profit businesses that embrace the “triple bottom line” concept. The practice emphasizes good stewardship in regards to 3 resources – people, planet and profit – through innovative practices, products and services.

To differentiate their business and showcase an innovative approach to coffee roasting, Java Planet obtained certifications with the following organizations:

•Certified Organic by Americert International

•Many of their coffees are also certified Shade Grown and Bird Friendly

Java Planet was nominated for the award by a Java Planet customer, Barbra C. Anderson, a sustainability specialist. “I was moved by the mission of Java Planet: to educate people about the importance of buying and consuming organic products. I admire the commitment of the founders, Jennifer and Mike Simmons, to ongoing education about the importance of drinking coffee that is certified organic and Fair Trade. They are good people doing good work with a good story to tell, and I wanted to share it with others.”

Java Planet is certified 100% organic and 90% of the Arabica coffee beans grown are also Fair Trade. Being certified organic requires that the beans are grown in a natural way, which means that they are not chemically forced to grow faster or larger. There are no chemicals or fertilizers (toxic or otherwise) used anywhere in the supply chain – from the farm to the ship and through the roasting process. Chemicals are even prohibited in the cleaning of the production equipment or the roasting of coffee. When the coffee is roasted there are no toxic chemicals released into the air from the roaster and there are no toxic chemical residue on the roasted coffee beans, which are therefore not transmitted to consumers.

Tampa Bay area coffee lovers may find Java Planet Coffee at many local markets and restaurants, while others can stock up by ordering online at

About Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters

Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters is a family owned company that has been providing 100% certified organic and Fair Trade Coffee to families and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area since 2009. Located in Ybor City, Java Planet is committed to providing the highest quality product that also supports a healthy body, a healthy community and a healthy planet, as well as ensuring the growers of the coffee are fairly compensated.

About the Sustany Foundation

Founded in 2007, Sustany supports sustainability through education and programs which advance economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. They strive to be the leading facilitator of sustainability through efficient and effective aggregation and investment of resources for Tampa Bay’s citizens today and into the future.

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