Java Planet rated “Best Low Acid Coffee Brands for Coffee Connoisseurs” by Little Coffee Place

“Beautifully crafted Colombian USDA organic coffee beans offering a full flavor medium dark roast body, mild acidity, and a well-balanced blend of flavors. Picked from the best of the best gourmet organic Arabica coffee beans, this coffee blend is roasted in small batches to lock in the subtle flavors in each cup. Java Planet is family owned and operated, making sure that each batch of your favor blend is 100% chemical and pesticide free, adding no GMO’s and striving to provide simple, natural, and top grade coffee. This low acid coffee company even offers a look into how organic coffees are better for both you and the environment stating that “Organic coffee may help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Organic coffee helps satisfy hunger and helps your body get rid of toxins.”

Java Planet provides very high quality coffee that we can feel good about purchasing and reselling. Because it’s largely Fair Trade certified, we know that the farms are being sustained as well as rewarded for growing some of the world’s best beans. Java Planet has consistently provided The Well – a Tampa-based nonprofit that exists to connect the poorest in our city to the rest of our communities – with great coffee. The Well appreciates the consistency of having the best stuff in town, traded in a way that doesn’t exploit the poor in other countries.

Pending Cafe – a Well project – exists in order to provide jobs at livable wages while serving our diverse community excellent products (which requires excellent coffee). Our name comes from the tradition of purchasing a coffee for yourself as well as another person (usually anonymously) who can’t afford it alone. We embrace, encourage, and organize the practice at the cafe. Once again, fairly traded, excellent, locally roasted coffee is critical to our success and good conscience. Java Planet has provided the cafe with a brewer, grinder, air-pots, burlap coffee bags, wood pallets (which we’ve used to create tables and even a menu board) and lots of advice and insight.

Scott Bookamer
Business Manager, Ybor Daily Market
Partner, Pending Cafe

“As a business, Java Planet have been a positive influence on our community not only for their sustainable practices but also by giving back to the Tampa Bay community.  For the past four years Java Planet has made in-kind donations of their excellent coffee to fundraisers at Sweetwater Organic Community Farm. Their donation of coffee adds an extra draw for people who attend our fundraisers and also the suggested donation for coffee helps to generate crucial funds to support our farm educational programs. Java Planet’s consistent support of our nonprofit farm and education programs has shown a dedication to the betterment of our community health and agriculture that we deeply appreciate.”

Sweetwater Organic Farm

“Jennifer and her staff, with Java Planet, volunteer at the charity event Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic every year, giving many many hours to help make the event a success.   Not only that, but they also donated some of the best coffee in the area!

Thank you!!

Chris Alexander, Race organizer and chairman

Say No to Drugs