I love a cup of really good coffee. Since I am diabetic and consume only organic products, I ordered a 5lb bag of Java Planet’s Sumatra organic decaf. The best cup of coffee I ever had. I have tried every organic coffee I could find. This is the best. 5 Stars B.P.

Since we were introduced to Java Coffee, it has become our favorite coffee. This coffee is so good, you need to try it to believe it. Thank you Java Coffee. 5 Stars C.S.

The Guatemala blend is a great cup of coffee with smooth in the mouth, but has some extra flavors in there to keep your palate interested down to the last drop and the Colombian blend is downright smooth and mellow, highly recommend and can’t wait to try more. 5 Stars ~ C.C.

Sumatra decaf is the very best decaf I have ever found in fifty years of brewing decaf coffee!! 5 Stars ~ B.E.

Absolutely wonderful coffee! I’m ruined for anything else. 5 Stars ~ AB

Great coffee, brewed locally, delivered fast! Buy from your hometown roaster. Organic and fair trade is an awesome bonus!  5 Stars ~ LC

I love a cup of really good coffee. Since I am diabetic and consume only organic products, I ordered a 5lb bag of Java Planet’s Sumatra organic decaf. The best cup of coffee I ever had. I have tried every organic coffee I could find. This is the best.  5 Starts! ~BP

Some of the best customer service in the industry! I have been a Colombian Coffee drinker for over 25 years. The flavor from the Organic Colombian is in a class by itself. I am devoted fan of Java planet and have been since I have been purchasing it at the retail store level. I am elated that I can get more that 1 pound at a time from online ordering, since it was not an easy task purchasing from the retail level, simply because someone or some body cleaned out the Organic Colombian almost every shipment.

Have a “Java” from Java Planet, you will not be disappointed.   5 Stars!   MR

Coffee is so smooth! Love the seasonal flavors! ~ MP

The coffee is great. It doesn’t bother my stomach and tastes real good. When I order it is easy and I receive my product in 3 days.  5 Stars!  ~ DL

Organic and shade grown and fair trade… and delicious! Everyone who drinks Java Planet when I serve it, whether regular or decaf, loves it! Full of flavor, fresh, aromatic, and with good conscience!  5 Stars! ~ KK

Java Planet has always provided the coffee for ThanksVegan, a giant vegan community potluck feast. People love it, and we all appreciate the generosity of the owners! Usually there’s a little left over, so we divvy it up among the volunteers. A few years ago, I brought some home and tucked it in my freezer, because I never really drank much coffee before.

The first time I made a cup, though, something happened to me: I fell madly in LOVE with coffee for the first time and started drinking it every afternoon. Now I buy Java Planet coffee regularly at my natural foods store, and look forward to my afternoon coffee every day. I’ve tried other brands, but there’s something really special about Java Planet. It’s super fresh and tasty, and it’s nice to know that it’s organic and fair trade.

Oh — and now my husband, who never drank coffee before, is a devotee, too! Thank you, Java Planet! JZ

I stopped drinking coffee on a daily basis, until I bought this in Ybor city. Wow. My wife and daughter bought several bags. Hooked. Had to go back and purchase five more and send two to Oklahoma for my daughter. Hooked. Thanks. Five Stars   ~ MR

This coffee is truly extraordinary. I discovered it at Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater and after reading reviews online decided to order some directly from the website. It was roasted and shipped the day after I ordered it and I got it 2 days later. The mailman who delivered it to my door was raving about how good it smelled in his truck. I can honestly say this is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and I’m super stoked it’s organic. The other reviewers are spot on in saying it doesn’t make you jittery like non-organic coffees. It’s super smooth and tastes amazing prepared with a French press. I’ve tried 5 or 6 of the varieties and they’ve all been similar 5 star quality.

Thank you Java Planet!!! ~BD

Tried the Sumatran & really enjoyed the deep, earthy notes. 5 Stars!

Would love to see product sold in Publix. ~ KS

I had a taste of Java Planet’s coffee at the Fresh Market at Wiregrass. The staff was easy to talk to and the coffee was absolutely delicious. I had to take a bag home! ~ LD

I don’t drink any other coffee !!!  ~ SB

Always delicious and fresh-tasting, more body and flavor than most other coffees I’ve tried. Plus, it’s organic, shade grown, a local business, they follow the UN Global Compact, and use the Global Reporting Initiative framework to document their practices.

Win-win-win-win-win!!! KK

Love your coffee and appreciate the speedy delivery and occasional discounts. ~ MB

I first learned of your coffee at my holistic doctor’s office. Then, I started to order on-line through your website. To my surprise, my first order came with a sample of another blend you carry. I really love this because it gives me the chance to try new flavors without risk. So far, everything I’ve tried has been great and the delivery is very fast.

Keep up the good work. ~ 5 Stars – LW

I am a coffee lover, it’s my blood type! LOL I try all kinds of coffee, from everywhere, even when I travel it’s my favorite souvenier as I bring bags home, however I have to say, your coffee, especially the Peru (my favorite) is one of the best ever! I always come back to that one, so with that said, let me place my order! Keep up the great work  ~ LG

“I get excited going to bed at night, not because of the day I am going to have the next morning, but because of the cup of coffee I am going to have once I wake up! Java Planet has changed the way we buy, taste, smell, and even make our coffee. I know the second I hear the grinder grind, the natural oils become exposed and the intensity of the beans fill the air. We love a full-bodied dark roast coffee, and there isn’t a single one Java Planet offers I wouldn’t recommend. Of course, we like some more than others (Dominican and Mexican are our favorite blends), but I would never turn down a cup, if offered!

Each time we talk with a member of the Java Planet family, we are further educated on what coffee should be. My Starbucks days have quickly dwindled thanks to my French press and personalized coffee mug! Thank you, Java Planet, for bringing such delight to our mornings!” ~ Brian and Shannon

“One word, WOW!!!!! What delicious coffee. The Morning blend is just perfect! I think it should be called The Great Morning blend!!  It’s so great.” ~ LH  – your devoted customer

Joe and Tiffany – Two Java Planet Fans!

“I have had the delight of tasting many of these coffees. Every single one was better than anything I have had anywhere else. Goodbye Starbucks! The only downside is I have to bring my own coffee with me now as all other coffees just don’t do it for me anymore!” ~TG

“What the taste of coffee should be! Unlike the burnt brew that has been commercialized as coffee over the last two decades. Java Planet offers a natural and refreshing experience one can easily get used to.” ~ JD

“You folks do it right! I’ve been buying your Espresso for a while at local health food outlets, and periodically I try the “other brands,” because they are well packaged, have compelling marketing on the bags, etc.

Well, after being disappointed one more time this weekend by trying yet another brand, (the beans were very dry, and the result was a bitter taste) I give up! I am staying loyal from now on! The taste of your Espresso simply cannot be beat at any price! And I also love to support local businesses, since I am the owner of Serenity Now Books and Gifts in Palm harbor, and also the Corporate General Manager for my friends Jane and Jacob at Happy Feet Plus. Local needs to support local!” ~ JH

“When we were brewing Java Planet coffee at my office, we had employees from other offices come into our office due to the aroma of the coffee.  It smelled so good and tasted so good they didn’t want to put in any cream or sugar because it tasted so good natural!! This is the first coffee in my life I wanted to drink it black with nothing added!!  My main complaint with other types of coffee is the burnt taste, but Java Planet is so smooth and natural!!” ~DT

“The coffee is very fresh and is a high quality product for the price.  There is a lot of variety of flavors and that it is organic and freshly roasted is a plus.  My favorite is the dark roast Costa Rican , but I like them all.  No matter what your taste is for coffee java-planet can hook you up!” ~ED

“The flavors are complex but smooth and consistent and you never get a bad cup of coffee.  We have used this coffee for a few months now and it’s always good. Because its organic and freshly roasted you know you are not getting any harmful pesticides. So you get good health and excellent taste.” ~ MD

“For the last 30 years I have always added cream to my coffee. This past Thanksgiving I was introduced to Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters and was told that the flavors would be more prevalent without adding cream. I was a little skeptical at first but now I am a true believer – no more cream in my coffee as long as I am drinking one of the favorite Java Planet coffees. I can’t wait to bring some coffee to my office for the die hard coffee drinkers to try” ~ CKB

“Great variety of coffee’s, great aroma’s with strong but not over the top tastes. Well done!” ~ SD

Overall, really nice coffees. Very much what I look for when searching a gourmet coffee shop or any coffee for that matter. ~ WF

I learned about Java-Planet while picking up my share of veggies from the Sweet Water CSA. My boyfriend and I have coffee at work during the week, it’s yucky but free, so our weekend mornings we always want to have really good coffee. Usually, we brew Starbucks at home, but now that we know about Java Planet, this is our new favorite staple in the house and our only choice of coffee for our home!! ~ AG

Java Planet Coffee – It’s bold and beautiful; the way we like our women! ~ DB

“We loved all of the coffees … the Sumatra we loved, Bold & Strong.  African: Yummy & Smooth; Costa Rican: Good & Full Bodied; New Guinea: EXCELLENT!  Thank you so much. I am still enjoying the coffees and the flavors!” ~ DM

I have been looking for great coffee since we closed our beloved Port City Java coffee cafe in Valrico, Florida a couple of years back. Also, during that time, I became quite familiar with the terms “Fair Trade” and “Organic’, and I came to understand their importance. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Java Planet while searching the internet for Fair Trade and organic coffee! So far I have tried six of their coffees, and I love them all. The Back Magic is a rich, bold coffee without all of the acidic “burnt” after taste. This coffee is liquid gold to me, and so are the other five I have tried so far! Thank you so much! I whole heartedly recommend Java Planet! ~ MT

“You guys make great coffee.  It’s bold, strong and very rich flavor.  Until now, I never knew coffee could have such delicious and complex flavors….kind of like a fine wine, only I can have it at breakfast! Thanks for all you do.” ~ Dan