Education for Guatemalan Children

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Educating this generation of Guatemalan children will empower 

them to create positive change and create economic growth 

in their own country. Just $5 provides one child school supplies for one year.

For more details on this program visit this page.

Customer Reviews

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S.M. Ford
Guatemalan Children’s Education

I am proud to buy my coffee ☕️ from a company that supports fair wages for the people who grow and pick the coffee cherries AND that supports the education of the coffee workers’ children too. I gladly purchase my coffee ☕️ from Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters because it’s a win-win for everyone involved; I get excellent coffee from Java Planet who get some of the best beans from Guatemalan farmers who are paid a decent wage for their hard work, AND the children of the Guatemalan farmers get an elementary school education that is funded in part by Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, me and you!! Initially, all I wanted was a good cup of coffee ☕️ from a good supplier and Java Planet gives me that… and a whole lot more with each order!

Jennifer Reeve

This coffee is so tasty and feels a lot better on the tummy than most! Love it!

Lisa Bell

I purchased the Peru Decaffeinated Coffee Beans. The scent is fantastic I could crawl into the bag! The flavor is deep, pure goodness. Yes! Will purchase again!