Bitter or Sour Taste in Your Cup? Quality of the Beans

 Quality of the Beans

Yes, I said BEANS. It is important to fresh grind your coffee. If you are not doing that and really want a good cup of coffee - this would be the first step.

The second is to get freshly roasted coffee. Coffee that you find in a grocery store can be months up to a year old. Health food and gourmet stores are better and then, of course, there are local roasters - and purchasing online. Some roasters (like us at Java Planet) actually put the date roasted on every bag - not just an expiration date. 

If you have been through the above and your coffee is over a month old suspect old/stale beans.

If this doesn't change the bitterness check out these other reasons for a sour cup:

Brewed or Sat Too Long

Coffee to Water Ratio

Water Temperature

Coffee Grounds Too Fine for Brewing Method


Fresh coffee always makes a difference in the quality of your cup. To get fresh coffee delivered to your door in 2 to 5 days --> SHOP NOW

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