Around The World In Coffee Cups

 The amount of people who drink coffee around the world is truly staggering. In fact, it is reported that over 1 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each and every day. People drink it for the boost of energy it provides, as well as the delicious taste. Coffee even has the potential to improve your mood. These are some of the reasons why you are likely never more than a few feet away from someone enjoying a coffee when you’re out and about.

Whether you like to try new products and techniques after visiting sites like Owly Choice or prefer to stick to what you know and love, there is no doubt most of us love coffee. However, the coffee that you drink every single day is likely far different from what someone across the world is drinking. Every area has its own preferences, traditions, and rituals. 

Learning the difference in coffee preferences and traditions across the world can not only be interesting but can also help you if you plan on traveling. With that in mind let’s take a look at how a few countries and areas enjoy their coffee.


While espressos are enjoyed everywhere, nowhere does them better than their home in Italy. The espresso machine was created in Italy and the beverage is still among the most popular ways to consume caffeine in the country. Many Italians start their day with Espresso to get their juices flowing.

For those unfamiliar, espresso is a small cup of (usually strong) coffee made to order with a very thin layer of cream on top. They can be made with a range of different beans and flavors, and many Italians enjoy them at the bar of a cafe. Of course, many other types of coffee, such as the cappuccino, are enjoyed throughout Italy.


Being that it is the largest producer of coffee on the planet, we definitely had to take a trip to this country. Coffee in Brazil is quite strong and concentrated, so even a small cup can go a long way. Much of the coffee in the country is also brewed together with sugar, so you may not need to include any extra due to this pre-sweetened nature.

No matter where you are, or what time of the day it is, finding a great cup of coffee in Brazil will be incredibly easy. Expect big flavors and chocolate notes from most of the many beans in Brazil. Because of the massive production of coffee in Brazil, the country will surely have coffee for even the pickiest of drinkers.


While you might not know this, Ethiopia is the initial birthplace of coffee. As you could imagine, coffee is still an incredibly important part of Ethiopian life. In particular, they are known for their ritualistic and traditional ceremonies. In fact, the ritual of brewing and enjoying coffee can sometimes take multiple hours.

The Buna (Ethiopian coffee ceremony) begins by roasting, grinding and filtering the beans right in front of customers. What follows is three separate brewing cycles and then salt, butter or sugar is often added. This ritual reflects the love for coffee that the nation has, as well as showing the true craftsmanship that goes into a great cup of coffee. If you are a coffee fanatic, it could be a bucket list experience to enjoy one of the ceremonies.

In conclusion, we hope that this trip around the globe has helped you learn a little bit more about how different cultures and countries enjoy their coffee. While everywhere is different, we all share one thing in common, and that is our collective love of coffee.


by Ashley Lipman


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