Health Benefits of Coffee - Is Coffee Good for Men?

Are you one of those guys that get up grumpy and bleary-eyed, needing your morning chug of Joe to get out the door with a spring in your step?

Well, beyond the usual pick-me-up coffee offers, there are heaps of real health benefits you get each time you get your morning brew or fill up your mug during the day.

We’ve put together a list of 6 of the top science-backed arguments why you should have that cup of coffee.

1. Improves your sex life!

 A study at the University of Texas has concluded that drinking just two cups of coffee a day could drastically improve your sex life. Erectile dysfunction was 42% less in men who drank 2 cups compared to those who didn’t.


 2. Heads off the old grim reaper

Drinking coffee might be an answer to lowering your risk of early death. In a recent study by AARP Diet and Health, coffee-drinking participants were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, and infections, compared to participants who did not drink coffee.


3. Keep your mental smarts

Coffee has been found to beef up your brain function, including memory. Drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day decreases your chance of dementia or Alzheimer’s by 65%. Those drinking one cup of coffee a day are 20% less likely to suffer a stroke than those who don’t drink any, according to a Japanese study.


4.  Decreases Your Risk of Diabetes 

Between 1986 & 1998 Harvard researchers discovered that long-term coffee drinkers had a considerably lowered risk of developing type-2 diabetes, and the risk decreased the more they drank. Coffee has been shown to reduce blood sugar concentration and absorption in the intestines, which may explain some of the diabetes-protective effects found.


5.  Keeps your ticker ticking

You can significantly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease-related death just by drinking 1 to 2 cups of coffee daily. But of course, this doesn’t give you a free pass to miss out on your cardio routine!


6. You’ll Avoid Kidney Stones

Passing a kidney stone has been equated with the pain of childbirth! 

Sipping your java one or more times a day may save you from developing kidney stones by a whopping 26%, as opposed to drinking it less than once a week. The caffeine content in coffee helps you pee more, flushing your body of the surplus of sodium and calcium that can contribute to kidney stone formation.

The list could go on to cover how coffee helps with pain reduction, working out, mood-boosting, and more, but we’ll take a coffee break here so you can head over to your kitchen to get your daily cup or two to keep that body healthy and strong!

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