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Bitter or Sour Taste in Your Cup? Coffee to Water Ratio

Bitter or Sour Taste in Your Cup? Coffee to Water Ratio

Sometimes you get a coffee that everyone you know says is great. You taste it and wonder - what are they talking about?

Well you could say everyone has different tastes, and this is true, however, there is something to say for how you prepare something as well. The best steak in the world can taste bad if it’s not prepared well. 

Let’s address the reasons for a bitter sour taste in your cup of coffee.

Coffee to Water Ratio

Now with this one, you might think - I always brew the same ratios - but the measurement can change with the coffee. 

A really dark roast may taste nice and bold with 2 tablespoons ground coffee to 6 ounces of water - sour with 3 tablespoons and like dirty water with 1 tablespoon.

If your coffee tastes sour - try lessening the amount of ground coffee to water until you find your sweet spot.

If this doesn't change the bitterness check out these other reasons for a sour cup:

Brewed or Sat Too Long

Grounds Too Fine for Brewing Method

Water Temperature

Quality of the Beans

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