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Ron Cousineau
An Essential Ingredient to Our Half-Caf Morning Coffee

My wife and I enjoy a half-caf blend of Sumatra/Sumatra Decaf each morning (1 tablespoon of unground beans per cup; 6 tablespoons of caffeinated beans, 6 tablespoons of decaffeinated beans, ground fresh each morning for our 12 cup drip coffee maker). The Decaf Sumatra Organic pairs well with the Sumatra Organic for a rich coffee experience daily.

Maribel Angeles
The Aroma!!

This is soooo good and the aroma is strong and lingers but in a good way. Smells and taste great! I love it!!

Susan Tarman
Excellent Dark Roast Coffee

I love coffee! Because of previous mold exposure, I am hyper-sensitive to mold and caffeine. Java Planet coffee is mold free and the Decaf Sumatra is excellent! I have not had any flare ups which makes this a safe coffee for me to drink! So happy! Thank you Java Planet!!

Love this coffee

Sumatra is my favorite coffee because I need low acid and decaf... when I can find one that is dark roast that is PERFECT. Wonderful full flavor. a great decaf.

Carol C
Great Coffee!

This coffee is amazing. The aroma is wonderful. The flavor is delicious. Gives us a great reason to look forward to getting up in the morning!