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Aracelly Arana
A Pure Brew: Savoring the Essence of Organic, Mold-Free Coffee

From the moment I opened the bag, I was greeted by an intoxicating aroma that hinted at the rich flavors to come. What struck me immediately was the freshness – a testament to the meticulous sourcing and processing of the beans. Knowing that it's not just organic but also mold-free provided an extra layer of assurance, ensuring that each sip would be not only delicious but also devoid of any harmful contaminants. Upon brewing my first cup, I was immediately drawn in by the depth and smoothness of the flavor. Moreover, what sets Java Organic Espresso Coffee apart in the crowded market of organic coffees is its affordability. Despite its high-quality, organic, and mold-free credentials, it is priced significantly lower than many of its competitors. This price advantage makes it an exceptional choice for those who wish to enjoy premium, health-conscious coffee without stretching their budget. It's a rare find that combines the best of all worlds - taste, health, and economy.

Christian Phillips
Starbucks is dead to me now ...

I have been a dedicated Starbucks snob for years. Have tried many different coffees and none of them were able to compare to the deep, robust flavor of Starbucks. Until I received a gift of JP Organics tasting coffees from my mother in law (also a Starbucks snob).

I was absolutely blown away with how much better JP Organics coffees taste, from their Columbian to their espresso roast. Was so impressed that within a week I ordered a massive 5 lb package of their FANTASTIC espresso roast (which I am enjoying as I write this).

Could not be more pleased with being introduced to JP Organics. I know I will be a happy customer for a long, long time. And now I'm working on converting my mother in law too ...

My best!

Christian Phillips, NH, USA

Chrissy Rynveld
Amazing flavor and quality

I am so glad I purchased this espresso!! I can tell the difference in quality and the flavor is so rich! I can often get jittery from some espresso and I do not get that at all just java planet!! Definitely will continue to purchase from JP!

Another favorite!

I haven’t found one I haven’t liked! This was my first blend and it’s delicious! I’ve only tried it as a pour over but I’m sure it would make an excellent espresso shot as well.

Ron Cousineau
Coffee Adds Life to New Expresso Machine

Your coffee has been the lifeblood to our new Bambino Plus Expresso Machine. We needed to find a local roaster with a "roasted-on" date, as opposed to "use by" date on the package. We found Java and since then, life is good! Immediately upon entering the building, we knew this place would be the lifeblood to our new "Bambino." It's taken some work to learn how to become a barista, but your Java coffee makes it all worth while! You can be sure we'll be visiting you again soon--since my online training tells me the coffee needs to be used no earlier than 5 days after roasting and no later than 30 days. That's great because the people at Java will soon become our friends!