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Best coffee!!

Highly recommend

We have been drinking the Colombia low acid coffee for years and love it. I grind the coffee beans every morning and the kitchen fills with the most wonderful good morning fragrance.

Favorite coffee

My favorite coffee. Love the taste and the fact that it’s clean and great quality

Smooth, balanced and delicious.

I love this coffee. So smooth, balanced and to top it off low acid. The coarse grind option offered is perfect for my percolator.

Definitely a Low Acid Coffee Blend

This was such a circuitous route to finding a coffee that wouldn't upset my stomach and would do what I had expected, which was to reduce the amount of irritation coffee was giving me. I had just gone to the doctor for an endoscope and he noted there was a lot of irritation in the stomach lining. I had been suffering from gastritis for several months. I began to see people on my Facebook pages for Hashimotos, talk about "low acid" coffee as an alternative and then other friends who started talking about the unknown ingredients in coffees. I happened upon an article about "low acid" coffees and they listed the top ten. I decided to order Java through Amazon and I'm glad I did! As soon as I was religious about only drinking coffee at home and the Java blends, my stomach started to feel better. I don't get the gnawing feeling in my stomach after having a cup of Java coffee, even if I haven't eaten, which is a huge improvement over the coffee I was using before. For that alone, switching to Java and their various blends has been a noticeable improvement and I'm happy I can have my coffee again! The two blends I've had so far have been great with no noticeable aftertaste and each one has tasted just as they describe on the website. I've definitely noticed that my stomach does not have issues while drinking the coffee and that makes me extremely happy, because giving up coffee was not on my list of things to do! Thanks!