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Guatemala is the best

Love this brand, love this bean! Guatemala is my favorite, I drink nothing else. Well ok, maybe the Peruvian decaf :)

Great Beans!

Excellent, high quality beans, deep velvety chocolate mouthfeel and lingering effects. Subtle fruitiness on the nose and then intense flavor. Many have commented on the wonderful aroma. I like to try different roasts, but I always come back to JP’s Guatemalan.

robust and interesting

Sumatra Organic, definitely a deep rich flavor not heavy or over powering, but smooth and a hint of semi sweet chocolate. The verdict mellow and sweet enough to render it enjoyable, but packs a little kick to get your morning going!

Not sure why I paid $5 for free shipping upgrade when I received my shipment of coffee in the same amount of time as normal. Delivery was good.

Balance, smooth, delicious and perfect for cold brew.

Perfect for my daily cold brew. Tired it because they offered the cold brew grind and I'm making it my go to now.

The Best Organic Espresso Blend On The Market

It's our favorite espresso and we've tried A LOT!!!! We love that it has chocolatey notes, smooth, not bitter or sour. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Smells great! Fresh! Grinds well. Smooth flavor. No stomach issues. Just good tasting, clean coffee!

Great tasting coffee, arrived fresh and on time.

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Columbian beans,low acid, excellent coffee

Colombia Organic
Carolyn High

Love this coffee!

Guatemala Organic
Carolyn High

Love this coffee!

Best organic coffee I’ve tried. It’s not coarse ground like others I’ve tried. Coffee comes out nice and dark. Awesome flavor

Lovely coffee!

I do like the Guatemala coffee in flavor and the low acid.

Colombia Organic
Carla Liesen
The Best!

Love this coffee. Is the smoothest I’ve ever had. And love that it is organic and clean. A very happy customer.

Sumatra Organic
Bob Lawson
Great way to wake up

I have been drinking mostly Sumatran coffee mostly for the last 15 or so years. I love the dark full flavor of these beans.This is probably the best Sumatran coffee I have experienced.

Excellent coffee. Would definitely recommend

Finally nailed it!

The Columbia organic medium dark roast is what I've been looking for. Smells wonderful, full flavor, and so drinkable.