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Peru Organic
Rasa Lorz

Great taste. Love it. Ordered second time.

Espresso Organic Blend
Aracelly Arana
A Pure Brew: Savoring the Essence of Organic, Mold-Free Coffee

From the moment I opened the bag, I was greeted by an intoxicating aroma that hinted at the rich flavors to come. What struck me immediately was the freshness – a testament to the meticulous sourcing and processing of the beans. Knowing that it's not just organic but also mold-free provided an extra layer of assurance, ensuring that each sip would be not only delicious but also devoid of any harmful contaminants. Upon brewing my first cup, I was immediately drawn in by the depth and smoothness of the flavor. Moreover, what sets Java Organic Espresso Coffee apart in the crowded market of organic coffees is its affordability. Despite its high-quality, organic, and mold-free credentials, it is priced significantly lower than many of its competitors. This price advantage makes it an exceptional choice for those who wish to enjoy premium, health-conscious coffee without stretching their budget. It's a rare find that combines the best of all worlds - taste, health, and economy.

I’m Hooked

I was getting bored with my regular coffee a while back so I started looking for something new. I bought a couple of different brands, all medium bodied in a variety of flavors. I have a lot of allergies, so I have to be very careful about what I choose. The only regret I have, is that now I’m hooked! If there are other options, I don’t really care for them. At this point, I found my true love. I always grind some up and take it to events at work when I set up a little coffee bar for everyone. I make sure to keep the label on the jar so people know what they’re drinking, what’s in it and I let them know where they can purchase it. I think I’m a lifer now, subscription and all. Yes, I’m “fan girling”over here. Get your grind on, people! Cinnamon Vanilla Dream…

Best coffee!!

Sumatra Organic
Johnny Zepeda
Awesome coffee

So good

Black Magic truly is

Although not as dark as most of my choices, Black magic has quickly become my favorite.

Highly recommend

We have been drinking the Colombia low acid coffee for years and love it. I grind the coffee beans every morning and the kitchen fills with the most wonderful good morning fragrance.

great coffee

My favorite is the Colombian but this is my go to when I want something different. Tastes great. Love this company

Colombia Organic
Favorite coffee

My favorite coffee. Love the taste and the fact that it’s clean and great quality

Espresso Organic Blend
Christian Phillips
Starbucks is dead to me now ...

I have been a dedicated Starbucks snob for years. Have tried many different coffees and none of them were able to compare to the deep, robust flavor of Starbucks. Until I received a gift of JP Organics tasting coffees from my mother in law (also a Starbucks snob).

I was absolutely blown away with how much better JP Organics coffees taste, from their Columbian to their espresso roast. Was so impressed that within a week I ordered a massive 5 lb package of their FANTASTIC espresso roast (which I am enjoying as I write this).

Could not be more pleased with being introduced to JP Organics. I know I will be a happy customer for a long, long time. And now I'm working on converting my mother in law too ...

My best!

Christian Phillips, NH, USA

Sumatra Organic
Where has this been all my life?

I have always loved coffee but Java Planet has shown me what true love really looks like. This is such awesome coffee! And the low acidity makes such a difference! Do not hesitate, folks!!

Does the job and looks great!

The kettle design itself is really nice, but that’s just a nice perk because it works really well too. It has a nice blue light so you know when it’s on. The neck is very thin so when pouring it’s very clean and doesn’t make any mess. Love this kettle, would recommend for anyone who needs one!

Perfect grinder!

This grinder works really well and also grinds a lot. I’ve had other ones, but they aren’t as large so the quantity is limited. With this one you can do small or large amounts at a time and it’s super fast. Highly recommended!

Smooth, balanced and delicious.

I love this coffee. So smooth, balanced and to top it off low acid. The coarse grind option offered is perfect for my percolator.

Best. Coffee. Ever. Deep, full bodied but not bitter. Deserves to be brewed in French press. This is what coffee should be. Totally recommend without reservations.

Definitely a Low Acid Coffee Blend

This was such a circuitous route to finding a coffee that wouldn't upset my stomach and would do what I had expected, which was to reduce the amount of irritation coffee was giving me. I had just gone to the doctor for an endoscope and he noted there was a lot of irritation in the stomach lining. I had been suffering from gastritis for several months. I began to see people on my Facebook pages for Hashimotos, talk about "low acid" coffee as an alternative and then other friends who started talking about the unknown ingredients in coffees. I happened upon an article about "low acid" coffees and they listed the top ten. I decided to order Java through Amazon and I'm glad I did! As soon as I was religious about only drinking coffee at home and the Java blends, my stomach started to feel better. I don't get the gnawing feeling in my stomach after having a cup of Java coffee, even if I haven't eaten, which is a huge improvement over the coffee I was using before. For that alone, switching to Java and their various blends has been a noticeable improvement and I'm happy I can have my coffee again! The two blends I've had so far have been great with no noticeable aftertaste and each one has tasted just as they describe on the website. I've definitely noticed that my stomach does not have issues while drinking the coffee and that makes me extremely happy, because giving up coffee was not on my list of things to do! Thanks!

Best coffee I’ve tried! Love this brand

Aromatic, Organic, Mycotoxin-free, & DELICIOUS! Other mold-free coffees have tasted like cardboard. This is spectacular! Thank you, Java Planet, for making clean, safe, delicious coffee roasts! ☕️ 😋

love it

tastes great! smells awesome! comes ground straight to my door every month. my wife and i both love it!

Bestseller Sampler
Nancy Jackson
Fantastic and great for the GUT!

We really loved the samplers, especially the Columbian. We are ordering that now, regularly, as long as we can afford it. :0

Perfection!!! Finally a “Good Morning”

It’s taken me years and a lot of money to find the right coffee. I’ve been disappointed over and over, too bitter, leaves an aftertaste in my mouth, causes nausea and heartburn, Bland and tasteless, the list goes on. ‘Good morning ‘ is now my forever coffee and my search is over! Why search after you’ve found perfection??! I hope Java plans to have this blend around for many years to come. Please Java, keep the ‘good mornings’ coming!! :)

Espresso Organic Blend
Chrissy Rynveld
Amazing flavor and quality

I am so glad I purchased this espresso!! I can tell the difference in quality and the flavor is so rich! I can often get jittery from some espresso and I do not get that at all just java planet!! Definitely will continue to purchase from JP!

I love love love love my Java Planet Organic Sumatra Coffee

Did I mention I love my Java Planet Organic Sumatra Coffee? Well, I do. A LOT.

It is expensive. BUT, it is worth the expense. AND I also love supporting a family business. I have a subscription. Everyone should, too.


Another favorite!

I haven’t found one I haven’t liked! This was my first blend and it’s delicious! I’ve only tried it as a pour over but I’m sure it would make an excellent espresso shot as well.


The aroma of this coffee is intoxicating,
and tastes even more delicious! It’s what cinnamon dreams are made of!